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We Must Be Bold: Shifting Our Cultural Narrative to Support Individuals’ Decisions About Pregnancy, Parenting and Abortion

Check out my latest piece on TruthOut co-written by my fantastic colleague and friend, Parker Dockray from Backline on the need to be bold to speak out to ensure that every person has the information, support and resources they need to support their decisions and to take care of their health. We wrote this as part of the “Be Bold” road tour, which is happening right now!


“We all need to be bold in standing up and speaking out to ensure that every person has the information, support and services to prevent pregnancy when they want to, seek abortion when they need to, and have healthy pregnancies and children when they are ready. Let’s stop letting politics get in the way of being there to support each other.”

Read the full editorial here.


Parental Consent and Notification Laws Are Dangerous: You Can’t Legislate Healthy Family Communication.

Check out my latest on RH Reality Check on the harmful impact of laws that interfere with young people’s access to reproductive health care. 


Like any parent, I want to be involved in their lives, but if my daughters ever feel that they cannot talk to me, it is most important that they have access to information to help make their decisions and they know there are supportive people who will be there for them….I will be there for my daughters each step of the way, but that does not mean making every decision for them. Sometimes it means stepping back and trusting that we raised them to be capable of making their own decisions and having faith in them.”

Read the full post here.