Sex and the Modern Mom: Logistics, Schedules and Intimacy

Check out my latest piece on Medium looking at the challenges to and the importance of talking about and cultivating intimacy in a marriage. This piece is in part a response to critiques of Amy Poehler’s memoir, which talks candidly about the importance of making time for sex.  Some people are saying she is pressuring women, but I think it is really a conversation about the struggle to juggle parenting, life and intimacy.  This is something we should be able to talk about!


We all know the stories about finding ‘the one’. There’s candy and roses. You are perfectly in sync and each night is ecstasy complete with mood music and soft lighting. You fall in love and walk down the aisle to spend your lives together. But what about after the wedding night? What does that look like…..People talk about date nights to give couples time to have real conversations. There are countless books about communication and understanding so we don’t yell if we roll the toothpaste tube the wrong way — or the right way depending on your point of view on this topic. So why can’t we admit that it takes work to cultivate and maintain your sex life?

READ the full piece HERE.


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