Every Pregnancy is Exceptional: Questioning Exceptions and Creating Empathy in Later Abortion Debate

Check out my latest piece on the need to figure out how to have critical and complex conversations about later abortion and personal decisions that reflect the diverse range of experiences that women and families face and the role politicians can play in supporting people, rather than judging them.


“When I was in my first year at college and found myself with a late period and a lackluster relationship with my high school boyfriend, I knew then and have absolutely no doubt what I would have done if that plus sign had appeared. I did not want to tie my life to him and knew I was not ready to be a parent. But here I was 20 years later with a pregnancy that we planned for and dreamed of from our first date. I am not sure what I would have done if I was told that I had potentially life threatening complications. Would it have been worth the risk for me? I don’t know. I did not have to make that decision. But you can be damn sure I would not have called my lawmakers to ask their opinion and that I would not have stood by while anyone presumed to tell me what the right thing to do was.”

Read the full piece HERE.



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