We Must Not Keep Telling the Same Stories About Why Young People Deserve Reproductive Agency

Check out my latest on RH Reality Check looking at how the current framing we use to oppose laws that force parental involvement actually disrespects young people and strips them of their agency.


“Instead of facing the potential difficulty of acknowledging that all teens—regardless of circumstances—deserve access to abortion care, we trot out just a small fraction of the stories that are out there. This narrow focus perpetuates the stigma about young people’s sexuality that endures in both allies and opponents of reproductive health. Many sex ed organizations, for instance, tiptoe around teen sexuality as if it is something we, as adults, must put up with as a necessary, but distasteful, reality. While I have no doubt these kinds of talking points are frequently rooted in a genuine care for the health of adolescents, they imply that young people need someone to step in and tell them how to behave.

Read full piece HERE.


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