Past Publications

Shonda Rhimes “Fails” to Support Moms (Good Mother Myth, June 2014)

Immigrant Women Should Not Have to Wait Years to Access Health Care (RH Reality Check, August 2013)

Pregnancy, Politics and the Policing of Women’s Bodies (TruthOut, May 2013)

Women Not on the Priority List: President Obama’s Budget, Congress, and the Struggle for Affordable Abortion Care (RH Reality Check, March 2013)

Politicians Didn’t Walk With Me Through My Life. They Don’t Belong In My Bedroom (RH Reality Check, January 2013)

Political Interference is Bad Medicine and a Bad Prescription for Women’s Health (RH Reality Check, November 2012)

The Potential of Tele-Medicine to Increase Access to Mifepristone for Early Abortion Care (RH Reality Check, September 2012)

What the Affordable Care Act Hydes (RH Reality Check, August 2012)

Iowa Legislators, Vying for “Most Mean-Spirited”, Seek to Strip Funds for Abortion Care for Rape, Incest, Fetal Anomalies (RH Reality Check, June 2012)

Protecting Our Daughters from Government Intrusion: The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (RH Reality Check, April 2012)



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